Western Romance Books


Imagine that you are standing on the wide open plains of Texas running from Cowboy bandits, or wrapped in the arms of a Lakota warrior, or traveling across the wide frontier to establish a new life in Oregon? With western romance novels, you can fulfill all these fantasies. These novels focus on stories that are set in the American West, featuring the common elements of cowboys, Native Americans, pioneers, and the wild, open frontier, not forgetting the main element of romance, love and passion.

Western romance, while actually being a smaller sub-genre of romance novels, actually could be considered a mix of some of the other genres of Romance literature, because they have added elements from other sub-genres: such as the historical and contemporary romance. For example, you can have a western romance novel, that is set during the western expansion of the 1800s, or you could have the novel set on a cattle ranch in modern day Texas. Both of these would be considered western novels, but they also include those other elements, of either the historical or contemporary setting. So, these books have this special, added aspect of combining the American West with these other romance literature elements.

10 Best Western Romance Novels

The Promise of Jenny Jones by Maggie Osborne

The Promise of Jenny Jones

Authored By Maggie Osborne

Jenny Jones thinks that her life is over, as she sits in a Mexican jail waiting for the firing squad. She never expects that a wealthy woman would take her place, in exchange for the promise that Jenny will take her six-year old daughter, Graciela, to California to her father.

Jenny agrees but has no idea the adventure and danger that lies ahead of her, in this exciting romance novel. In the midst of all this, Jenny also meets Ty, who also appears to want to take Graciela, but is also after Jenny’s heart. 

Walk in My Soul written by Lucia St Clair Robson

Walk in My Soul

Written by Lucia St Clair Robson

Tiana is a young Cherokee woman, learning the traditional ways of her people. Rebellious Sam Houston, on the run from his family in Tennessee, arrives at the Cherokee nation and ends of living with them.

As the two get to know each other, their love helps them to cross all cultural boundaries. But “Walk in My Soul” is a romantic story set in a period of strife for the Cherokee people, will Tiana and Sam’s love be able to conquer all obstacles? 

Texas Destiny Novel

Texas Destiny

Authored By Lorraine Heath

Set in the aftermath of the Civil War, this romance story is about Amelia Carson, a mail-order bride who arrives in Fort Worth, Texas, to meet her fiancée Dallas Leigh. However, waiting for her at the station is his brother, Houston.

Houston was badly scarred during the war and has shunned much of the society. Together Amelia and Houston face a three-week trip back to Dallas’ ranch, but along the way, Amelia’s tender and sensitive nature awakens love within Houston, but what is he to do since she is betrothed to his brother.  

Lakota Love Song

Lakota Love Song

By Madeline Baker

“Lakota Love Song” is the romantic story of independent Kaylee Matthews who has moved from the east coast to the wild and untamed western frontier. Upon discovering a Lakota warrior, who has been left for dead, she decides to take him back to her home and nurse him back to health.

Once he is healthy, Blue Hawk, the Lakota warrior abducts Kaylee, hoping to trade her for weapons for his tribe. Along the way however, the anger and mistrust that they feel for each other, slowly transforms into love.

Heart of the West

By Penelope Williamson

“Heart of the West” is a deeply passionate tale of love that could be considered a romance epic. This romance story begins with Clementine, who elopes the cowboy, Gus McQueen, traveling with him to his ranch in Montana.

However, the west is not exactly how it was depicted in the novels that Clementine had read, and she wasn’t expecting that she might start having feelings for Gus’ brother. The tales and romances of two other women Hannah the town prostitute and the Erlan, a Chinese mail-order bride are all three entwined into this engrossing romance novel.

Nakoa's Woman

Nakoa's Woman

By Gayle Rogers
When beautiful Maria is captured by Nakoa, a Blackfoot Indian warrior, she struggles to try and find a way to return to her family. At the same time, love begins to grow between Maria and Nakoa, despite the Blackfoot community that is trying to keep them apart.

But if Maria and Nakoa accept and embrace their love, will it be able to overcome all the cultural boundaries? Nakoa's Woman is a great romance novel, that is not only has an epic love story, but also explores the world of the native Americans in this period. 

Walker's Wedding Novel

Walker's Wedding

By Lori Copeland

Walker McCay was abandoned at the altar by his bride, and vows never to let another woman get close to his heart. But when he needs to produce an heir to protect his ranch, he decides to get a mail-order bride.

He was never expecting to meet Sara Livingston, railroad heiress, who is looking to be married, and takes the place of his mail-order bride. Can the two find love even with Sara’s deception in this romance novel, and can Sara mend Walker’ wounded heart?

Comanche Moon By Catherine Anderson

Comanche Moon

Written By Catherine Anderson

Loretta Simpson has been mute, since she was orphaned as a child, when her parents were killed by a band of Comanche warriors. Hunter of the Wolf, a Comanche warrior, believes that Loretta is the woman, mentioned in an important ancient prophecy. The problem is that Hunter has a strong hatred for white people, since his pregnant wife was murdered by white men.

When Loretta is kidnapped by Hunter, neither one expects to feel anything by hatred for the other, but in fact, the opposite begins to occur. Comanche Moon is a very heart-wrenching romance story, about two people who have been badly scarred, able to find love in the place that they least expect.

Petticoat Ranch

By Mary Connealy

Widowed and with four daughters to care for, Sophie Edwards need some help. When along comes cowboy Clay McClellen, the brother of her late husband, who is determined to help Sophie, and help protect the Edwards ranch. Even though these two are married, will they find love in this romance story, and also be able to protect the ranch from those who are trying to steal it?

No Place For A Lady Book

No Place For A Lady

Written by Maggie Brendan

After the death of her father, Crystal Clark travels from her life as a southern belle in Georgia to the rough life of her aunt’s cattle farm in Colorado. Some people believe that she is not in the right place, including the jealous April and the callous Luke.

Yet with time, Luke’s heart begins to melt to Crystal’s determined spirit. However, Crystal will have a much larger challenge to face in this romance story, will the strength that she has developed in Colorado, be enough to help?

We hope that you have enjoyed this compilation of novels on western romance! There are so many wonderful romance stories out there, that we are just unable to list them all. But please email us and let us know if we missed your favorite western romance book and we will try to add it!