Jude Deveraux Edilean Series


Jude Deveraux’s most recent novel series is the “Edilean series”.

Like Deveraux’s other works, this series is a mix of historical and contemporary romance, with some adventure and suspense thrown in, as well. Definitely, an interesting series to check out if one is a fan of this popular and well-liked writer.

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Lavender Morning

Lavender Morning Book

“Lavender Morning” is the first book and was released in March of 2009. This novel centers on the stories of two women who are connected by friendship.

Edilean “Edi” Harcourt was like a mother to young Jocelyn Minton, but Edi had many secrets hidden in her past.

When Edi passes away, Jocelyn inherits her manor in Edilean, Virginia. At this point, Jocelyn begins to unravel the romance and mystery of Edi’s past, while at the same time falling head first into a romance of her own.

“Lavender Morning” introduces us to the town of Edilean, which is the connecting thread in this series.

Days of Gold

Days of Gold

In December of 2009, the second book, “Days of Gold” came out. In “Days of Gold”, the readers are transported to the beginnings of Edilean, Va., back in the 18th century.

Scarlet Nights” the third novel was released in August, 2010, and the most recent, fourth part, "The Scent of Jasmine", was just published in December of 2010.  Tentatively scheduled for publication in September of 2011 is the fifth part entitled “Heartwishes”. 

We will update this article as more books are added to the Edilean Series.