Historical Romance Novels & Series


Historical Romance is one of the most popular subgenres of romance literature. Today, there are historical romance books set in many different centuries and countries, ranging from ancient times to the very popular Regency time period, and all centuries in between. The one thing that they all have in common is that the main storyline is about the love between the hero and heroine, and they are not set in the present time in contrast to contemporary romance novels. But, these books are not just limited to love stories; these works also touch on topics from the periods in which they are set, ranging from politics, to social issues.

Best Historical Romance Books

The Wolf and The Dove

The Wolf and The Dove

Written By Kathleen Woodiwiss

When Aislinn’s father is murdered and their kingdom taken over by the invading Normans, she never believed that she could feel anything but hatred toward the Normans.

Wulfgar, the Iron Wolf of Normandy, is determined to have Aislinn, since the first moment that he sees her. At first Aislinn’s pride stops her from seeing the passion between them, will Wulfgar ever be able to melt her heart in "The Wolf and the Dove" ?

Katherine by Anya Seyton


Written by Anya Seyton

"Katherine" traces the enduring love of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, through war, plagues and the struggles of 14th century England. Anya Seyton traces Katherine and John's love from their first meeting, through their marriages to other people, and then finally their reunion when they are older.

Based on a true story, Katherine is a stirring, heartrending romantic novel, showing the power and determination of true love.

Ravished Novel


Written by Amanda Quick

Ravished is a regency re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Gideon Westbrook is known as the Beast of Blackthorne Hall, not only for the scandals which surround him, but also because of his scarred face.

Innocent Harriet is the daughter of a rector in a small village, who calls upon the Beast, when a ring of thieves are discovered to be operating nearby. When the two meet, there is an instant attraction, but will Harriet be able to see past his scandals into his true heart?

Comanche Moon By Catherine Anderson

Comanche Moon

By Catherine Anderson

Comanche Moon is a moving novel about the forbidden love between Loretta Simposon, who has been mute since her family was murdered by a band of Comanches, and Hunter, the Comanche warrior who falls in love with her.

While love helps Loretta and Hunter to overcome their prejudices and differences, they will still have to struggle against two societies who want to keep them apart.

Sunset Embrace

Sunset Embrace

Written By Sandra Brown

On a wagon train heading to Texas, the stalwart Ross Coleman is thrown together with the mysterious and beautiful Lydia Langston. These two, who cannot stand each other, are also drawn together by a mutual need. Yet, Lydia is hiding a secret, which is the reason that she remains distant and wounded.

As Ross and Lydia find comfort in each other, will their love be able to tackle their demons, or will it drive them apart? "Sunset Embrace" is pleasing read from Sandra Brown.

The Viscount Who Loved Me Book

The Viscount Who Loved Me

Written by Julia Quinn

When the most disreputable rake, the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, sets his sights on obstinate Kate Sheffield’s beautiful half-sister, she is determined to thwart him. Kate has plans for her half-sister to marry a respectable, gentleman.

But while Kate is trying to distract the persistent Viscount, they may fall in love with each other instead. The Viscount Who Loved Me is the second in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series.

The Devil in Winter Book by Lisa Kleypas

The Devil in Winter

Written by Lisa Kleypas

Evangeline Jenner stands to inherit a large fortune from her father. Her uncle, however, is planning to marry her off to a cousin, kill her and steal the fortune. When Evangeline learns of this plan, she knows she must take matters into her own hands.

She proposes marriage to the most scandalous rake in London, Lord St. Vincent. But Evangeline has one important, and unique condition in her proposal. "The Devil in Winter" is the third in Kleypas’ The Wallflowers Series.

Lady of Conquest Novel

Lady of Conquest

Written by Teresa Medeiros

Set in the luxuriant scenery of Ireland, Gelina O'Monaghan becomes the ward of her most hated enemy, the king of Ireland, Conn. Soon Gelina’s hatred begins to melt and is replaced by love for the king.

Yet, when a murder is discovered in the castle, Gelina is the prime suspect. Conn and Gelina’s bond will be tested, but will their love and trust be strong enough? "Lady of Conquest" is an engrossing story from author Teresa Medeiros.

Saving Grace

Saving Grace

Written by Julie Garwood

Set amidst the turbulent history of 13th century Scotland and England, young Johanna, only sixteen years old, finds herself a widow. When the king demands that she remarry, she is against it, since her first husband was a brute.

However, her foster brother knows the perfect husband for her, the highland lord, Gabriel. "Saving Grace" is a wonderful, romance book that is both funny and touching.

Lord of Ice Novel

Lord of Ice

Written by Gaelen Foley

In Lord of Ice, Damien Knight, the Earl of Winterley, is a decorated war hero who is scarred by his memories of the war and has withdrawn from society. When he finds out that he is to be the guardian of his friend’s niece, the young Miranda, he is dissatisfied.

However, Damien finds that Miranda is a beautiful, adult and as the two are together, they find that they need each other more than they could have imagined.

In case you were still looking for some more good choices, here are more to choose from:

Into the Wilderness Book

  • The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly (London & New York/late 19th century)
  • The Last Queen from C.W. Gortner (Spain & the Hapsburg Empire/late 15th to 16th century)
  • A View to a Kiss by Caroline Linden
  • The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie from Jennifer Ashley (London/late 19th century)
  • Unveiled written by Courtney Milan (England/19th century)
  • Into the Wilderness (Wilderness Saga, Book 1) by Sara Donati (New York/late 18th century
  • Slightly Dangerous from Mary Balogh
  • Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams (Wyoming/late 19th century)
  • Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake written by Sarah Maclean (England/early 19th century)
  • Flowers From the Storm from Laura Kinsale
  • If You Dare (The MacCarrick Brothers Series, Book 1) by Kresley Cole (Andorra/mid-19th century)
  • One Perfect Rose written by Mary Jo Putney (England/early-19th century)
  • The Ranger (A Highland Guard Novel) from Monica McCarty (Scotland/early 14th century)
  • Midnight’s Wild Passion written by Anna Campbell (England/early 19th century)
  • Dusty Britches by Marcia Lynn McClure
  • Untamed from Pamela Clare (USA/mid-18th century)
  • The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey (Ireland/early 20th century)
  • Touch of a Thief written by Mia Marlowe (England/mid-19th century)
  • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Laura Willig
  • To Wed A Highlander from Michele Sinclair (early 14th century)
  • Libertine’s Kiss by Judith James (mid-17th century)
  • Bound By Your Touch written by Meredith Duran
  • Laird of the Mist from Paula Quinn (Scotland/17th century)
  • The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne
  • Pieces of Sky (Blood Rose Trilogy, Book 1) written by Kaki Warner (New Mexico territory/19th century)

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of the best romance novels belonging to this popular sub-genre of romance novel. If you do not see your favorite book on the compilation above, do not hesitate to email us, as we will try to keep updating our lists and adding all of your favorite historical romances.