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Ever wonder what it would have been like to fall in love in Medieval Spain or Renaissance Italy, or to fall in love with an old west cowboy out on the open plains of Nevada? Many people have daydreamed about these very things and that is why a variety of different settings and sub-genres have developed inside of the Romance genre such as classical, historical, contemporary, fantastical, even western, and these days with the success of Twilight Series both as romantic book and teen romance movie, vampire romance genre is gaining wide popularity.

There is not just one type or style of romance literature, many different sub-genres and sub-styles have developed. These sub-genres range from western romance, to contemporary, and even romantic thriller books. There are also many popular authors, such as Nicholas Sparks, Jude Deveraux, Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts, even some old favorites like Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë.

Below, you will find listings of some of the best romance books. Please feel free to browse around and immerse yourself in the world of romantic literature.


  • Gone With the Wind Novel
  • Wuthering Heights Novel
  • Jane Eyre Novel


  • The Promise of Jenny Jones Novel
  • Walk in My Soul Novel
  • Nakoa's Woman

Christian Romance

  • True Devotion by Dee Anderson
  • A Voice in the Wind Book
  • Redeeming Love Novel


  • Katherine By Anya Seyton
  • The Wolf and The Dove
  • Ravished By Amanda Quick

Romance Authors

One good way to find a new book to read is to search by author. When one discovers an author whose writing style that they enjoy, then one discovers a treasure trove of potential novels to read. Usually, an author’s style will not change drastically from one work to another; therefore, if the flow, structure, characters and such, from one story, appealed to you, then it is very possible that their other works will also interest you as well. So, if you are having trouble finding that perfect new book to dive into, then go back to some of the novels that you liked in the past and check out what else the authors have written. Many times this will lead you to some interesting choices.

But let’s say you really want to start fresh, with an author that is completely new to you. If you aren’t in the mood to just grab any new book and try it out, it may help you to learn a little bit about the author before picking up one of their stories. That is one of the reasons why we have developed articles dedicated to individual authors. Each article is designed to give one a general overview of the writer, a little bit about the sub-genres that they write in and, of course, a list of their novels to choose from.

For example, if you are looking for some historical love stories written by an author who was living in that time period, then the works of Jane Austen may interest you. Many authors don’t just write in one sub-genre of romantic literature, but in many cases delve into several, like Nicholas Sparks and Julie Garwood. For those looking for a series which mix contemporary and historical settings, take a peek at the Edilean series by author Jude Deveraux. For those interested in a very large collection of works by the same author, check out our pages featuring a Nora Roberts book list and Danielle Steel books. These are just some of the numerous romance writers out there to choose from. Be sure to check our side bar as we will be adding information on more writers in the future.

New Romance Novels

Each month, scores of new books are released in all different genres and authors. It can be very difficult to find a list which features just new releases in the romance literature genre. So to help make your search for the newest books easier, we will be compiling lists of new releases by month and date.

In the corresponding articles, we will divide these new works up into the sub-genres in which we think they fit, such as Christian romance and historical romance. Hopefully by dividing them up in this way, it will be easier for you to quickly locate a new novel that appeals to you. Also, if a book is part of a series, we will try to include that information, if we were able. And we haven't just included novels, but also collections of short stories and novellas, as well.

These lists do not comprise every single work of romance being released each month, but we strive to select a large variety and encompass many different types, styles and sub-genres. We will endeavor to eliminate any re-issue editions, but we may have accidentally included some, so please excuse us.

Please enjoy the listing (which can be easily located on the right sidebar of our site) and if your most anticipated new release is not included, then please let us know and we will do our best to update the list. Be sure to check back often, as we will be adding more months as they come along, and we may also discuss some older months too.

Romance Novels Online

Romance literature has remained a popular genre throughout the centuries, because, like fairy tales, they provide the reader with an optimistic and positive tale of love. Love has captivated poet and artists throughout the generations, because of its magical and elusive behavior. The tale of two people falling in love is a timeless, enduring scenario, the details of the story may change but in the end, we want love to conquer over all odds. Romance stories provide us with a tale where this is true. No matter what is happening in your daily life, slip into a romance novel and you will find a place where love exists and true love triumphs over all obstacles. So step into these novels and you could find yourself in love with a swashbuckling Pirate, Renaissance prince or a cowboy from Texas.

Romance, being considered one of the major genres in literature that is extremely popular among millions of readers, this whole site is devoted to providing you with some detailed listing of the top romance novels and ebooks, and to provide you with the comprehensive resources and guide on this particular genre of literature that has managed to touch millions of hearts. Imagine what this world would be like, if there is no romance, passion or love! We hope our extensive lists would find that particular book or novel, that may be of your interest; or that may inspire, entertain or even ignite some extra romance or passion in your life.

So, please stay tuned to us, and feel free to share this site among your friends, family and relatives, as we will be continously updating our site with more listings of the best romance books, reviews, insightful discussions and in-depth analysis.